We make homes cheaper and much more plentiful by using buyer demand data to make building homes much, much easier

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We present novel, commercially viable solutions to the housing crisis but we have had a trying time with our startup supports – Enterprise Ireland, NDRC and Local Enterprise offices.

See our call on government to invest in housing market innovations like ours, so we can rapidly get people onto the path to homeownership.


Ireland’s startup ecosystem is not structured to support novel, practical solutions for our most pressing problems, such as housing supply.

We have sent our pre-budget submission to the Finance Minister and others, calling for the establishment of a fund to invest in innovative housing-market startups.

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Who are we? 🧐

Founded by Colm Casey and Dr Constantin Gurdgiev, Homebuyer’s Hero is designed to make homes cheaper and much more plentiful by using buyer demand data to derisk things like construction in the case of new homes and to facilitate property transactions in the case of our vacant homes pilot with Mayo County Council.

Colm is a former estate agent with experience in design, planning and tech.

Constantin is a macro economist with particular expertise in the Irish property market, as well as internationally.

We both like to tweet a lot so don’t be shy!!

Our Mission 💪

In general, our mission is to free up the blockages and informational asymmetry in the property market which contribute greatly to the boom / bust cycle, with all the negative societal damage known all to well to us here in Ireland.

Through our derisking processes for both vacants and new build homes as we start, as well as later technologies we will bring online as we grow and develop, our intent is to create a property market which is balanced in terms of supply and demand and systemically pushes down house prices while making it very viable for home builders to do their thing.