Hi Homebuyers of Ireland!

I’ve decided to write a note to you now, since we are essentially ready to launch products to the market to help you get a home.

Very shortly now, Homebuyer’s Hero will launch a series of products to the market designed to give you, homebuyers, significant control and agency over the bidding process in the second hand market, as well as enabling homebuyers as the drivers of bringing vacant homes and new builds online, thus increasing housing supply significantly. You’ll have to wait just a bit longer for details, sorry!

One might assume that a business with solutions for the property market would attract all sorts of help – Enterprise Ireland investment, for example. Housing difficulties are, after all, a well documented problem internationally. Unfortunately, that is not the case, not yet at least – we must prove beyond doubt that there is demand for our products and services.

So, in order to be able to provide our services to homebuyers as we start off, we will charge a small monthly subscription from those who wish to be part of our innovative fixes for housing. We only need enough to run the services to prove market demand. It is in our interest as well as being in the interest of homebuyers that we would keep the price as low as possible so there is no barrier to entry and everyone can take part. We will transition to having no charge to the homebuyer as soon as we possibly can.

Our services will bring value to the subscriber immediately, without needing a ‘critical mass’ of users in order to give tangible benefits. However, together and at scale they will have a significant impact on Ireland’s housing crisis as enablers and supporters of the most important stakeholder in the property market – those people who want to buy a home.

Everything we have created and every decision we make is completely, wholly and entirely with the best interests of homebuyers being first and foremost on our minds – sometimes even when it has made things more difficult for us to get started as a business.

The Homebuyer’s Hero team passionately believes that homebuyers are the most important part of the property market and that the reason the market is so broken is that current market processes and structures have evolved to prioritise the best interest of other parties. Ironically, this has come full circle – builders can’t build and supply is very sluggish, even with huge demand, all because of stale old processes which hold the market to ransom.

We intend to be a very positive, very significant, disruptive force, placing homebuyers at the centre of the market, to finally fix how we humans go about financing and providing shelter for everyone. Every currently existing market actor will benefit from our new market dynamics – always-on buyer confidence, market transparency and much reduced risk for construction finance – all designed to get the supply flowing at transparent, stable prices.

It’s really very exciting and we can’t wait to tell you all about it – fingers crossed for launch happening before too long more! Our first services and scale will be comparatively modest due to constrained resources, but our plans for rapid expansion and improvement are real and achieveable, with huge benefits for homebuyers.

Thanks for visiting and sign up for our newsletter below. Homebuyers, let’s work together!

Yours Sincerely,

Colm Casey

Co-Founder & CEO of Homebuyer’s Hero