What is Homebuyer’s Hero?

A new dawn for homebuyers

Homebuyer’s Hero is a new dawn for homebuyers. It represents a whole new way of thinking about how people can buy a home. Shelter is one of humanity’s most fundamental needs and yet, as a society, we have left it vulnerable, it would seem, to every shock and wobble thrown up by the modern world.

Regardless of how the economy is doing – we all still need a home.

Regardless of issues with supply and demand – especially those caused by our inefficient and broken systems – we all still need a home.

Regardless of needing to balance profit and incentive with financial risk – we all still need a home.

And they should be homes we want, which suit us and our families – where we want them.

While ultimately, we will bring new technology to the market for homebuyers to use on their journey, which will ensure fair prices and completely transparent bidding in homebuyer control, we will begin as a platform to bring property developments to the market which, without us, would not ordinarily have been possible, given the current dysfunctional state of the Irish property market.

As we begin, we will first address the needs of the newly remote-working enabled homebuyers who now find themselves able to work from anywhere. Our research shows that there are many buyers who would love the opportunity to buy a new, modern, comfortable home in Ireland’s rural towns and villages, if any were available. By addressing this need first, we maximises our chances of success and we double the impact that every house will have on the market.

Simply, if these buyers are taken out of the city markets to homes which would not ordinarily have been available, their need will be met and a home elsewhere will have one less family pushing up the price.

We have so much more exiting news to tell you – but for now, please sign up for our newsletter and be sure to follow us on social media. We will have informative and entertaining content about how we are going to make this happen, our new property model, our work with lenders, our engagement with design professionals and the amazing potential sites around the country which could be your new home.

We will need the help of homebuyers to do it so go on, sign up for our newsletter below. We will need homebuyers for beta-testing our technology, for taking part in focus groups on our house designs and for taking part in our new community, soon to have a home at homebuyershero.com.

Fun and interesting times ahead, homebuyers!

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