Homebuyer's Hero is YOUR Hero

Homebuyer's Hero exists, simply, to make it easier to buy a home. But we are not here merely to guide you through the broken process as it is now, but rather, in time, we will change the processes and systems that are currently failing to meet the needs of homebuyers. We will achieve this by having our technology place the power firmly in homebuyers' hands.

We will empower buyers with data and insights which will reduce unnecessary bidding competition, protect buyers' private data and enable housing supply to more easily come on line, especially in areas outside the cities.

Our first goal, in order to introduce ourselves to homebuyers, is to bring remote-working-friendly homes to the market in rural towns and villages, which would otherwise not have been possible, without our technology. There is a catch-22 currently in bringing housing developments to the market in towns and villages across Ireland. Current house prices in many of these areas are too low to justify lending for speculative house building, at least not without the developer needing to have huge financial resources on hand. Developers can't prove that there would be buyers, so lenders provide a relatively low amount of construction finance. We feel that this method of assessing demand is broken - but we can fix it.

We aim to get builders and developers across the country back into action on housing. This will lessen demand in urban areas. Estate agents will be empowered with a new model to bring development sites, developers and professional together in a new way to get the numbers up. Everybody wins.

Shelter is one of humanity's most basic needs and yet, we still haven't worked out how to create a system which can appropriately deal with financial risk while providing what's needed and appropriately rewarding those who would construct the homes we all need.

We hope that homebuyers will hear our message over time. We intend to have a very positive impact on the Irish housing crisis and from here, grow a new platform, for homebuyers all around the world to use, which ensures fair prices, an end to informational asymmetry and a new data-led approach to home construction.

It's a new dawn for homebuyers.

Our Vision

After we bring property developments online, we will bring other tools for buyers to the platform. Our intention is simple - we intend to move the property market from old processes which are not serving anyone properly right now, to new processes much more balanced towards homebuyer interests.

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