Rural Village

Let’s reverse rural depopulation. Here’s how communities can fight back!

It never ceases to amaze me that so many infrastructural and development plans - and investments - are made on the basis of where population levels are at currently, rather than looking at the potential of the area and the underlying, simmering demand for what that area might be able to contribute, if given a small shove along. I'm talking primarily here about the Western half of Ireland, of course. Such...

Stressed Couple

Why is our property market here in Ireland so dysfunctional?

What a big question. It would be easy to throw blame around, but I don't think that's appropriate, nor would it really be accurate to point the finger. There are many reasons why things don't work as they should or could. Simply, the type of property market we have now is as a result of some things outside Irish control, some decisions that with 20-20 hindsight may have been made differently and, most...

Housing Red Tape

5 reasons why residential land zoning is unnecessary red tape

Land zoning is basically a bunch of categories that specify what land could be used for. It allows for planning the development of our towns and cities. While I would prefer a system rather than a plan - more on that in a later post - land zoning is a reasonable way to appropriately segregate land uses. However, I really see no benefit in restriction of housing by having it included as a category. It...

Ireland Small Towns

4 reasons why your dream home in a small town or village isn’t being built

So the dream is that your 'forever home' should be a nice, big, efficient, modern home - let's throw in a home-office for good measure - all in a rural town or village, within easy access of a larger town or city. Sounds great! Well, you're not alone. Think of the lifestyle. No traffic to speak of. Clean air. Lots of space and green things all around. Easy access to some pretty amazing scenery. Sports...

A new dawn for homebuyers

What is Homebuyer’s Hero?

Homebuyer's Hero is a new dawn for homebuyers. It represents a whole new way of thinking about how people can buy a home. Shelter is one of humanity's most fundamental needs and yet, as a society, we have left it vulnerable, it would seem, to every shock and wobble thrown up by the modern world. Regardless of how the economy is doing - we all still need a home. Regardless of issues with supply and demand -...

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