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Homebuyer’s Hero can deliver on the promises of a state-run builder far more efficiently

Dr Rory Hearne, Assistant Professor in Social Policy in The Department of Applied Social Studies in Maynooth University, has been vocal for quite some time regarding the state of the housing crisis here in Ireland. I find myself in complete agreement with him in that I too feel that the current systems we are using to meet one of humanity’s most basic needs - shelter - are simply not working. It is for...

Housing Red Tape

5 reasons why residential land zoning is unnecessary red tape

Land zoning is basically a bunch of categories that specify what land could be used for. It allows for planning the development of our towns and cities. While I would prefer a system rather than a plan - more on that in a later post - land zoning is a reasonable way to appropriately segregate land uses. However, I really see no benefit in restriction of housing by having it included as a category. It...

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