Communities – let’s work together to give rural towns and villages a boost.

Here are a few questions for communities in rural towns and villages around Ireland.

  • Do you want to ensure that your comunity remains vibrant, into the future?
  • Do you want to undo some of the effects of rural depopulation?
  • Do you want to attract grant funding for community facilities without the need for seemingly impossible fundraising?
  • Do you want to ensure you meet minimum viable numbers for services and clubs which are the fabric of any community?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to some of these, then Homebuyer’s Hero Community Framework can help.

Community Leaders: Register with us if you want to see new homes being built in your area. Register if you want a new funding source for community facilities.

What is Homebuyer’s Hero and how can it help communities?

Homebuyer’s Hero is a new property platform which aims to solve some of Ireland’s most pressing problems around housing. We are starting off by taking the risk out of residential development in rural areas. That means that your local builder can get back in the game with a far reduced risk load and far more help from construction finance providers working with us.

If communities have access to land, our partner design professionals will assess it as a potential site. If it is community owned – or church owned – the proceeds could be leveraged against grant funding so as to create a new community facility. It is a win-win situation. Rural rejuvenation at its finest.

Our partner design professionals will prepare the potential new homes for marketing on the new Homebuyer’s Hero platform, before applying for planning permission. This de-risks the project and makes it much easier for builders to get finance. You can use the platform yourself or engage an estate agent.

Register here and also see the Homebuyer’s Hero Community Framework slideshow below. It’s a step by step guide for community groups who want to make new home building happen in their area. It’s also available as a PDF if you register.

The Homebuyer’s Hero Community Framework

Read through the slides below to understand a little more about Homebuyer’s Hero and how we can help communities fight back against rural depopulation as well as put funding together for community facilities.

Register here in order to get the Homebuyer’s Hero Community Framework as a PDF document by email.

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