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This form will register your details with us and help us understand your readiness for residential development. Our platform is very close to readiness and we are actively looking for the right developers and sites for our initial test-case developments. The early bird catches the worm.
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Tell us how you see a few things.

A quick survey on the general state of play for developers - or builders - who'd like to get building houses.
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Availability of construction finance for projects outside the cities
Costs of materials
Availability of materials
Current market activity around your likely area of development
Your quick assessment of the difficulties with residential development at present.
There is no wrong answer here. Our model for marketing property will figure it out, it's just useful for now to get your opinion on this specific question. We wouldn't just be targetting people returning home. There are many people in the cities who want to go anywhere quasi-rural, due to meing remote-working enabled.

Your readiness for a project

How ready are you for a development project? Let's say 20 houses. Tick all that genuinely apply. Don't worry if you don't have everything here.
We can talk about these in more detail later. For now, this lets us understand what we need to help with in terms of building a full team.
There is no wrong answer here. A site for our initial test cases would ideally be located in a small town or village, having at least a supermarket and primary school. Preferably, the site would be leafy and have some characteristic beauty suitable for more up-market development. Good broadband is essential. Preferably fibre-to-the-home. We are targetting a density of a little over 3 residences to the acre to be sure to hit the target market requirements. 10+ units. We will look at any site but preferably look at towns-and villages where there is not a pent-up expectation that development will happen in the next couple of years. Some such towns, maybe 1,500 population and up, are already at the limit of site value. Think about this - the target market is looking for small town life. Don't automatically zoom in on the 'best' town in the area. It may not actually be what our initial target market wants. Prioritise site beauty, broadband and minimum facilities over going to a nearby larger town. Consider that church-owned sites are potentially available for development but may come with difficulties around access. We have developed a model-variant to match your purchase price with potential grant funding to give community groups the option of going for a new community facility if all parties can agree.
This can be where you are if you have no site. Alternatively, tell us where the potential site is if you own one, or have one in mind.

How do you feel about these?

We'd like your opinion. We are not property developers. Think of us as facilitators - all wrapped up in a digital platform / app. Development of our technology is well underway.
We are adding to the total supply of housing by applying a new financial and marketing model of obtaining Planning Permission *after* marketing the properties and finding potential buyers. This way, developers can assess risk, as can providers of construction finance. Homebuyers will have input into designs. We have a fair and equitable process for selling the homes. Homebuyer's Hero does everything possible to keep the end cost down - including publishing all costings. Transparency is key to re-igniting the market in quasi-rural areas.
These areas are basically non-viable in terms of construction finance currently. There isn't enough current market activity to give construction finance providers the confidence to jump in. Our model described above removes much of this risk. These areas represent 'low hanging fruit' in terms of getting good numbers of developments up and running quickly.

Investment and funding into Homebuyer's Hero

We have developed a new model for the property market - one which puts all homebuyers in control. This is aside altogether from our model which brings new housing supply online. Our entire ethos and outlook is that we will succeed as a business by aligning wholly and completely with the needs of homebuyers. We believe that's what's needed, long term, to keep developers building in areas like the West of Ireland, for example. For the price of a couple of houses, we can transform the property market in Ireland.
There is no wrong answer here and it will not affect how we view you as a potential developer. Some investors, including Enterprise Ireland so far, need to see our platform operating before they could/would invest. We are close, but it is difficult. However, if we launch a crowdfund, people who really need our platform can boost it along, while owning a piece. That in itself could be the 'traction' that other investors would get behind as it would be coming from our userbase - developers and homebuyers.

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Just a couple of questions.
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The more people like you who come here the better we can negotiate with professionals and construction finance providers. The link to send people to is https://homebuyershero.com/developers and click 'Developer Registration'.
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