Rural Estate Agents – here’s some new business

Covid has brought with it many changes. One of them is remote working. It’s here to stay. There is a large cohort of buyers who want out of the cities. You’ve likely already met some – they want to buy a small house with land, perhaps. Others are happy to buy a second-hand home and renovate.

There are thousands more who are well paid and don’t want any of that hassle.

What do they want?

  • A modern, efficient, aesthetically pleasing home
  • To be located in a small development, carefully designed
  • A focus on green energy and thoughtful use of green areas
  • To be located in a small rural town or village
  • Decent amenities – good shop, primary school, sports clubs, pub

They want to be in Ireland’s rural towns and villages and many of them don’t particularly care which. Just let it have decent amenities and be in close proximity to somewhere good – somewhere nice. The site needs to be mature and leafy.

And broadband. Lots and lots of broadband. (Fibre-to-the-home preferably.)

We bring developments to the market pre-planning, to de-risk the construction finance and make it easy for developers to test out sites before getting caught for huge costs.

Would remote workers be happy in your area, living in a house like this?

Do you know the perfect site?

Do you know the ideal developer?

To make it worth your while to bring projects together, apart from the fee for selling the site to the developer, you would also collect the fee for selling the properties themselves. If you submit a site to us with an exclusive Letter of Engagement signed up between you and the owner, we will lock that site to you for two years on our platform.

Simple as that. Your work won’t be for nothing.

Also, the developer pays us – you don’t pay us anything, ever.

See the first iteration of the “Hero Home” below.

We have partnered with design professionals who will take the site to the next step while your developer is being vetted by construction finance providers. With our model, finance providers are prepared to go to a very high gearing. Developers no longer need a large war-chest to be able to get finance.

For the next number of weeks we are building a funnel of developments and by the end of that process, the first of them will be ready to go live. We have developed technology which will automatically assess homebuyer capacity to purchase and we will automatically monitor them throughout the planning phase.

See our “developers” page to understand things from their perspective. Register with us at the button above or request a call-back on the form below. When registered, we will issue some documents which will guide you through the process of getting properties ready.

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