Don't throw away your money when buying a home 🤦‍♂️

Check out this homebuying hack. It’s called the Smart Shield by Homebuyer’s Hero. It hides your max spend capability from the selling side and lots more.

Unlike anything else on the market, it even empowers you to seek out a side by side comparison between you and the bidder you’re being asked to out-bid. That’s called the Bid Buddy. This could radically alter vendor sale decisions and weed out buyers who are not as serious as you.

Get the Smart Shield with Bid Buddy by Homebuyer’s Hero, today! 

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Why do I need a Smart Shield? 🤔

Keep it private

Would you tell the car salesman how much is in your bank account? No?

Estate agents just need to know you have the money, not how much you can spend. With a Smart Shield you are giving them a tip-top assessment of your capabilities. It's not just a letter to say you have a mortgage, it's a full assessment to give the other side full confidence in you.... just with your maximum spend capacity hidden, as it should be.

This could change how the estate agent treats you in a multitude of situations and you get to keep your data in one place only.

Upload the Smart Shield to the various bidding platforms, have it at the ready to email or even print it out to hand to the estate agent - they can verify it instantly at

Prove you are a strong buyer

We verify buyer ID and proof of funds before issuing the Smart Shield. This lets you prove that you are good-to-go as a buyer and that your funds are good-to-go, too.

We even account for gifts you have been promised and government schemes designed to help buyers. This level of third party verification will cause vendors to value you all the more as a buyer, especially in tense bidding situations.

Estate agents sometimes have to rely on tenuous proof from some bidders or weak, generic letters assessing the mortgage offer only.

With a Smart Shield you can stand out to the selling side at decision time - perhaps even if you aren't the highest bidder.

The Bid Buddy

Your Smart Shield allows the estate agent to verify your capacity to purchase a home. But that's not all. Get a Helping Hand while bidding on your home with the Bid Buddy, a service included with the Smart Shield.

The Bid Buddy is a side by side comparison between you and the other bidder left in the game. You can offer it for free to the other bidder, to bring transparency into the mix.
Check out our info and videos about how this is a game changer for homebuyers.

Want to show you are all-in on one property? No problem - we can set your verification response to the Eircode of the home you want (1 change per month) so sellers know it is a good bet for them to choose you over someone less enthusiastic about their home, since they can now see that you are nailing your Smart Shield to their house! 🤭

A better market for all

Homebuyer's Hero is on a mission to have more homes built and brought back in to use, as well as making it easier for people like you to buy in the 2nd hand market.

Help us by purchasing a Smart Shield with Bid Buddy so we can bring even more amazing tech and tools to the market for buyers.

Help us prove to entities such as Enterprise Ireland, as well as interested investors, that there is demand for our market interventions.

Just wait until you see what it is that we want to develop into...!

The result? A fairer and more performant property market, unshackled from the control and broken processes which are having such a negative impact on our society.

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Smart Shield with Bid Buddy

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24 Monthly, for 6 Months
  • One Document Refresh per Month
  • Two Bid Buddies per Month
  • Automatic Access to New Features Upcoming
  • Automatic Cancellation after 6 Months
  • Reminder at month 5 of cancellation in case you need more

Shortly after subscribing, you’ll receive a receipt by email. You’ll also receive an email with a link to a short form, asking about the other people, if any, on the homebuying journey with you, such as a partner or people giving you a gift. These people may wish to engage with us themselves, in order to better protect their privacy.
If others on your journey with you are more comfortable engaging directly, you can let us know on that first form and we will create requests to email to them seperately. We will bring all the financial information together in the background, to create your super powerful Smart Shield, keeping everyone’s private stuff private. ✅

However, it is also possible for you to manage the documentation entirely, even if there are other people involved, should they prefer that and are happy to share financial data with you, but it is best that they would at least verify their ID using our third party service provider. You will receive full, clear instructions in the email.
After you return the form mentioned above, you will receive a request then for your financial data. The process of telling us about your financial capacity to purchase a home is simple and straight forward – much simpler than when applying for a mortgage! 🤭

If you have any questions now or at any time during the process outlined above, you can get us at the chat widget at the bottom right-hand side of every page on our website or by email at
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We have lots of information available also, by visiting the “Help” link in the menu up top or at the bottom of every page.