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This survey will tell us a little about you - and it will tell you a little about us. It's a first step on what we hope will be an ongoing friendship!

Current state of the property market

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Government action on Housing
Availability of homes to purchase
Price of new homes
Your quick impression with the state of the housing market.
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Cost of Construction
Site Cost
Developer Profit
Government Policy
Estate Agent processes
Your quick impression with each of these price influencers.

Your circumstances as a homebuyer

Let us know your living arrangements now.
Let us know your living arrangements now.
Let us know your living arrangements now.
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We'd like your opinion! We are not property developers - we actually want to push house prices as low as possible. Think of us as facilitators - all wrapped up in a digital platform / app. Development of our technology is well underway. We will be a platform for homebuyers - where they are in control of the property market.
We are adding to the total supply of housing by applying a new financial and marketing model of obtaining Planning Permission *after* marketing the properties and finding potential buyers. This way, developers can assess risk, as can providers of construction finance. Homebuyers will have input into designs. We have a fair and equitable process for selling the homes. Homebuyer's Hero does everything possible to keep the end cost down - including publishing all costings. Buyers can decide to buy on metrics such as site cost, construction cost and developer profit.
These areas are basically non-viable in terms of construction finance currently. There isn't enough current market activity to give construction finance providers the confidence to jump in. Our model described above removes much of this risk. These areas represent 'low hanging fruit' in terms of getting good numbers of developments up and running quickly.
Rural towns and villages are subject to development plans which govern the type and density of housing. As we start, we also have to be mindful of having a strong potential market, so as to make failure less likely. Newly remote enabled workers, now free of the requirement to attend at an office, are a strong potential fit. They are also very mobile and we are likely to have a good response wherever our initial site is located. Some of them are financially strong and for our initial test cases, they are more likely to be able to overcome the psycological and financial difficulty of paying a price for new homes considerably above house prices currently selling in our geographical areas of activity. (It's the current, extraordinarily high cost of construction which is causing this. Remember, we will be publishing all costs.) But the good thing is that for every family taking one of these homes, there is one less bidder in other areas pushing up the price - especially these buyers with strong purchasing power in our initial target market.
We are open to applying the model to urban areas with a higher density and also in rural towns and villages at a higer density than we currently envisage for the first sites. This would most likely come after we prove the model on lower density developments. This is for a variety of reasons but mostly so we can have as broad an appeal as possible, in terms of potential buyers, as we start up i.e. a national market rather than a local market. As urban areas don't currently need our derisking mechanism to get construction finance, we will have to prove our model first before we can make an impact there.

Investment and funding into Homebuyer's Hero

We have developed a new model for the property market - one which puts all homebuyers in control. This is aside altogether from our model which brings new housing supply online. Our entire ethos and outlook is that we will succeed as a business by aligning wholly and completely with the needs of homebuyers. For the price of a couple of houses, we can transform the property market in Ireland.
Some investors, including Enterprise Ireland so far, need to see our platform operating before they could/would invest. We are close, but it is difficult. However, if we launch a crowdfund, people who really need our platform can boost it along, while owning a piece. That in itself could be the 'traction' that other investors would get behind as it would be coming from our userbase.

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