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There are thousands of vacant homes around the country which we intend to free up and get back into the market. That means that you will soon have a viable way to get your asset out into the market, maximising its utility and benefit to society in general, while getting a clear, fair price. In fact, if you are not able to develop your vacant property yourself, Homebuyer's Hero will likely let you see stronger return than simply selling it to a builder off our platform. We will collect your data and location. We will not sell or share your data at all. Simply, we will use it to understand the numbers of people who actively would sell, if they could see a viable route to market.

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We'd like your opinion! We are not property developers - we actually want to push house prices as low as possible. Think of us as facilitators - all wrapped up in a digital platform / app. Development of our technology is well underway. We will be a platform for homebuyers - where they are in control of the property market.
For years we have had a housing crisis and for years, nothing has been done about vacant properties everywhere or new builds in rural towns and villages.
Our platform enables buyers to connect their ability to purchase (bank accounts, mortgage, parental gifts, etc) to the platform so that the builder knows they are a legitimate buyer, without telliong the builder how much they can spend. We will also show the builder's profit for all projects. Using date in this way, the buyer gives the developer what they need to get building, without any of the traditional advantage the selling side usually has.
Later in our development, we will launch tools for buyers which will show them the complete state of bidding on properties all across the market and significant new insights based on this information. The information will be crowdsourced from homebuyers and therefore, Homebuyer's Hero can remain truly in the ordinary homebuyer's corner, without needing data on bidding from any other source.

Investment and funding into Homebuyer's Hero

We have developed a new model for the property market - one which puts all homebuyers in control. Our entire ethos and outlook is that we will succeed as a business by aligning wholly and completely with the needs of homebuyers. For the price of a couple of houses, we can transform the property market in Ireland.
Some investors, including Enterprise Ireland so far, need to see our platform operating before they could/would invest. We are close, but it is difficult. However, if we launch a crowdfund, people who really need our platform can boost it along, while owning a piece. That in itself could be the 'traction' that other investors would get behind as it would be coming from our userbase.

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