Please enter your telephone number, preferably a mobile.
Please tell us where you live, to aid with future correspondence as well as for verification purposes.
This is a reference printed on the letter received at the property. It proves that you have access to the property and we require that it be entered.
Please enter the Eircode of the property at which a letter was received from the Local Authority.

Your reason for making contact

Select as appropriate for your reason to make contact. The form may change depending on options you select.
Please make a selection. If you are not an owner, it will be assumed for now, but will require verification later, that you are authorised to make contact on behalf of the owner(s) and that any further questions you answer which are addressed to owner(s) are being answered on the owner(s) behalf.

Consent and Understanding

This section collects your consent and agreement to two or three points, depending on your earlier chosen options.
Your data entered into this form is being collected by Homebuyer's Hero in order to establish your connection to the subject property as well as your intent, or the intent of those you represent. The data, such as your answers to questions and your contact information will be used to communicate with you in relation to the property and it will be shared in full with the Local Authority in order for appropriate personnel to contact you in relation to the content of your submission and to document the history of communication with those purporting to be in control of the property. In the event that you have submitted plans and a timeline of when those plans will be achieved regarding the property, the local authority will perform an assessment of these plans as well as formulate an intent regarding the property, should the property be vacant. The Local Authority will also retain the data, as will Homebuyer's Hero, in order to prompt ongoing evaluation of plan progress and milestones as described being achieved.
No earlier than three business days after the submission of this form, the Local Authority or Homebuyer's Hero as appropriate will contact you to follow up with your submission. If the Local Authority has to make an assessment of your plans for the subject property, the follow up could take slightly longer.