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Homebuyer’s Hero is a way out of the current property market dysfunction in Ireland – starting with removing the blockages to widescale residential development in rural towns and villages. These are places where remote-enabled workers want to be.

Difficulty in getting construction finance at an appropriate gearing, is the single biggest issue preventing development in small towns and villages across the country. Currently, developers need huge financial firepower and have to take significant personal risk. It’s just too difficult.

Our new marketing and finance model, already studied and understood by lenders, considerably reduced the risks for lenders – and for you, the developer. This means that you could be very busy building your own new development in less than two years – with buyers lined up and committed before the planning application goes in.

With this model, for experienced home builders, a very high gearing of construction finance will be possible – lenders are already on board.

This is our initial design for the “Hero Home”

The high-lights of our new platform:

  • Design professionals already partnered with Homebuyer’s Hero will review the site
  • Lender reviews site and assesses the home builder (you)
  • If the project is deemed to meet minimum requirements, the professionals prepare the layout and house type and liaise with the local authority
  • The development is costed and figures prepared for publication
  • When all stakeholders say GO, property is marketed on the Homebuyer’s Hero platform
  • Buyers lock in, before you spend on planning, etc
  • You pay the professionals to get planning (at reduced rates if using our partners with the bulk of payment during the sign-off phase)
  • Planning comes through and you break ground
  • You get planning the next site

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Home builders around the country in smaller towns and villages – register with us. It doesn’t take long. All your information will be kept absolutely private. By engaging with us, even if you don’t own a site or have one in mind, we can still work together to get you development-ready.

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I’m currently driving an hour and a half every day to the site. I used to go for four nights to Dublin but thankfully there is solid work a bit closer. If there’s ever a delay, I might not see the kids at all that day. I want to be working nearer home, if possible. If Homebuyer’s Hero can make that happen, a lot of lads will be interested in pricing jobs locally.

– D. C. – Electrician, Roscommon

What does ‘location, location, location’ even mean, any more? Ask a growing cohort of buyers who are newly remote-working enabled – now and forever – and many will say they want to live in rural towns and villages. We want to talk to developers and builders with good experience, with borrowing capacity.

A de-risked model means it’s now just about a site and a team

It is no longer the case that you have to wait for other people to do things to change the nature of the property market before it is a viable proposition to contemplate taking on a development project. Currently, lenders need to see evidence of supporting market activity before lending in an area. Unless the local market is obviously at a level to support the cost of construction or unless you have serious financial firepower – or both – there’s no point in even thinking about it. The risk has been too great for many potential developers to carry.

It’s no longer the case that you have to put development out of your mind because the personal risk is too great.

That’s where we come in. By rearranging the basic steps in bringing a property development to life, we can give you a totally different perspective on development projects, in rural towns and villages. What you need to think about now is a site, a team and sub-contractors. We have an initiative to launch soon which will bring everyone together.

See the slides above to get a better idea on the detail. (It might be easier to see them on a PC.)

By de-risking the finance using our model, projects will feel more like you’re a builder who has won a tender. You’ll know what’s coming in before you even pay for planning permission. How do we do this? We have partnered with design professionals, who, if the site is located a reasonable distance from their offices, will ‘front load’ the necessary design work so we can bring the development to the market, pre-planning. We will be seeking to partner with professionals in other areas also and we are happy to work with your team, if they can agree to our frameworks. Simply, by marketing the properties before planning permission is obtained, we remove much of the risk currently blocking up the whole system.

If you’d like a call back before registering, fill out the quick form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please understand that we are dealing with many calls, but we will get back to you.

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