Homebuyers, do you want to buy a beautiful, modern, efficient home in a rural town or village? Register with us.

Homebuyers, starting with rural towns and villages, we are enabling home builders and our partner architects to bring developments to the market on our new platform for homebuyers. You will be able to to lock-in, before they get planning permission. This removes risk from building and enables small builders to get into home building again, all around the country.

It could see you get the home of your dreams – much sooner than you think – we are aiming for 5 sites in the first three months of 2022.

Our first iteration of the ‘Hero Home’

It could see you get the home of your dreams – much sooner than you think.

“… A terrifying prospect lies ahead of us. The housing crisis is set to continue to worsen over the next decade, based on current housing policy actually working. That might seem counterintuitive given that policy is supposed to be solving the crisis.

Current policy is clearly inadequate and something radically different is needed…”

– Dr Rory Hearne, Irish Examiner, Monday 06th December, 2021

Homebuyer’s Hero is that radically different thing and we are aiming to bring 4 housing developments online in the first three months of 2022. For our first residential developments coming to the market in the West, we are going small – about 6 – 8 beautiful homes with home offices. We’ll rapidly scale up thereafter.

It’s neck and neck now – between a site owned by a home builder and one brought forward by a community group – to see which is ready for publicity first!

Do you want to buy a beautiful, modern, efficient home in a rural town or village? Hit the blue “Register” button below. It will take 3 minutes.

Answer a few short, easy questions. We have great plans to change how the property market works. We’re starting off by getting more housing supply online. It’s time we got to know each other better.

All developments will have clear site cost and builder profit figures.

Be at the top of the line when our residential developments go live.

Homebuyer Registration

A Homebuyer Forum – if you want a home in a rural town or village – let’s talk.

We would like to talk with buyers who are frustrated because they can’t find new homes being built in rural towns and villages. Think about areas like small towns and villages in the West of Ireland, for example, with good transport links and cities nearby. To begin, our new property model is centering on people looking for homes in this type of setting. Therefore we’d like to engage with about twenty such buyers on an on-going basis. The first step is to have a short, one-to-one chat to see if we are on the same page.

Our Homebuyers Forum will give meaningful weight to your opinion as we help landowners, architects and developers pull our first developments together

Ideally, we are looking to chat with people who are eager to get what they want – specifically, for now, a new home in a quasi-rural setting, with home office. There will be opportunities for homebuyers to influence the design of the house design used in the developments.

Think of it as playing a part in shaping your future community and the type of house you’ll live in. You don’t have to wait in the hope that it will eventually happen on its own.

Anyway, what else would you be doing over the winter months? 🙂

Hit the button below to pick a time slot on our Calendly that suits you. A Google Meet is preferred, but a call is OK too, to begin.

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